Monday, February 27, 2017

Let's Avoid The Big C!

Berries have cancer-
fighting antioxidants
Easier said than done? Maybe not. There is so much information out there about how to reduce your chances of getting cancer, and many foods that research has shown prevents, and fights cancer cells, why aren't we utilizing this information? We even know which foods cause cancer, yet we still eat them on a regular basis. Cancer is such a nasty, cruel disease, why aren't we doing all that we can to prevent it?

I am going to follow with a couple of lists of foods and actions that can prevent cancer, and fight cancer. I'm also going list foods and other things that are known to increase your risks of getting cancer.

Mean Green Cancer Fighters
Leafy green vegetables 
"contain antibacterial 
and antiviral properties, 
inactivate carcinogins, 
help reprogram cancer 
cells to die off, and prevent 
tumor formation and 
metastasis (Dr. Axe)."

Some of the top cancer fighting foods are:
     1. Leafy green vegetables
     2. Cruciferous vegetables
     3. Berries (Berries also have anti-aging properties! 😉)
     4. Brightly orange colored fruits and vegetables
     5. Fresh herbs and spices
     6. Organic meats 
     7. Cultured dairy products 
Colorful Cancer Fighters   
     8. Nuts and seeds 
     9. Healthy unrefined oils
   10. Mushrooms
   11. Traditional teas
   12. Wild caught fish

Foods that increase cancer risk are:
     1. Refined sugar
     2. Refined oils
     3. Refined carbohydrates
     4. Conventional dairy products
     5. Farm raised meats
     6. Processed meats (hot dogs, sausage, bacon, lunch meats, etc.)

In all fairness, eating these things on occasion should not be of much
concern, unless you have or have had cancer. The problems lie in the
fact that many of us eat these refined and processed foods on a regular
basis. We have to consciously decrease our consumption of these foods;
and we have to consciously eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains,
especially as we get older. We are more susceptible to certain diseases
and illnesses as we age, and cancer is one of them.

Other things that increase cancer risk are:
     1. Smoking cigarettes
     2. Extra weight around your middle
     3. Too much alcohol (1 drink per day max for women/2 drinks per day
         max for men)
     5. Being a couch potato (get up off your booty and move something)
     6. Not wearing a sunscreen (use an SPF of 30 or higher)
     7. Not wearing condoms (some STD's increase cancer risk. HPV (human
         papillomavirus) is the cause of about 70% of cervical cancers).
         Vaccines are available to prevent HPV and hepatitus B.
     8. Toxic chemicals (in weedkillers, some plastics, and some home
         products. Use safer options.)
     9. Family history (ask your doctor about genetic testing if you have a
         family history of cancer)
   10. Hormone therapy (it can be helpful, but know the risks (WebMD, 2017).
The availability and recommendations of cancer Screening tests (Colonoscopies, pap tests, mammograms, HPV screenings, and prostate exams), are awesome tools that can save your life. USE THEM! Screenings can detect and treat precancerous issues before they become cancerous, or detect cancer at its early stages, which most times is more easily treatable than if it's found at a later stage of growth.  Most of these tests and screenings are covered by your insurance, and many can be found free of charge during yearly health fairs, or even available at any time based on your yearly income in certain places. Check with your healthcare administrators or local hospitals and clinics to find out what's available.

Talk to you all next week and as always, please access the links provided in my references to get more detailed information on how these foods and actions help prevent and fight cancer. And do your own personal research on things that you may need more answers to. 😊 ~LAF


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  1. I need to find out more about akaline water. :) Thanks Lisa. All good tips we know, but now we must follow them. That is the work!

  2. Yes Tara! And if you find out anything significant about alkaline water, let me know. I keep reading conflicting information about whether it's a genuine concern or not.