Monday, February 6, 2017

The Fountain of Youth

This is me in 2013 at the age of 50.
Not bad for a 50 year old (so I'm told),
and my first time in a bikini.
As I continue into the second half of my life, I am continuing to learn how much information is at our hands to age in a way that everyone, young and old, can look forward to. There have been so many discoveries and breakthroughs in aging that gives us tools to live happy and healthy lives well into old age. Please join me in my own personal journey, and share in the knowledge that I've already gained, and knowledge that I look forward to learning and implementing to my life, for what I believe will end up being the best years of my life.

As we speak, I have been working out consistently, learning and practicing Tai Chi, learning to speak Italian, and planning a trip to Italy, while being in my fourth year of attaining my Bachelors degree in Business Administration. All of these things play into my philosophy of aging well and dwelling in the Fountain of Youth. If you follow my blog, you will understand this philosophy and if you choose to, you can dwell with me, no matter where you are.

Just think of turning 50 as your new beginning to the second half of your life. Let's all strive to reach 100 years old, having the time of our lives. Just think of how we started our lives by learning the things needed to live, socialize, and survive within our culture and society. We will do essentially the same things, but on another level.

Research has shown that learning new things as we age, can stave off dementia and Alzheimer's. We have to learn to eat in a way that's better for our age and the way that we live; and as a means to a happier, healthier life. Also, as we age we lose muscle mass as a normal part of aging, which is part of a natural process called sarcopenia. Research has shown that resistance training reverses this which can help to improve our lives in so many ways, it's almost crazy not to get ourselves in the habit of doing this as a part of our daily lives. We have to also include aerobic exercise to keep our hearts and bodies healthy, and lower the risk of many diseases. This, among many other things are what I'm going to share with you, in hopes that I can have many other people, whether you're 40, 50 or 60+ years old, look forward to our older years becoming the best years of our lives.

Please join me and share in my journey. And feel free to share every and any thing that can add to this journey. I'm looking forward to my days, months, and years ahead as I strive for my age goal of at least 100 years old. Talk to you all soon! 😊


  1. This is from my girlfriend Terry Williams~"The fact is we are all aging. The challenge isn't how to stop it, but how do we embrace it! Betty Friedan once said ...'aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength'. As the saying are only as old or as YOUNG as you feel. Life is precious ...enjoy the little things!"