Monday, February 13, 2017

The Philosophy Of It All

"Life is a gift......treat it as such...." ~LAF

As someone who sees my own life as a gift, I have learned to embrace the reality of getting older, and see the positive aspects of that reality.  I feel a bit saddened every-time someone dreads reaching their milestone years of 40, 50, or 60. Although everyone has a right to their own feelings and perceptions, I'm hoping to help change some of those.

I have had quite a few days and nights in my past, that I wasn't sure I would survive through, whether that was physically or mentally. I believe that these experiences have helped me to appreciate life, and enjoy the special moments in life. I also recognize the joys in the little things in life, and have learned to "stop and smell the roses", while having the gratitude to be thankful for it all. I believe that these things are important in experiencing true happiness.

As I age and notice my wrinkles and the effects of gravity on my face, skin and body, I try to find the irony in it all. When I notice the wrinkles by my eyes when I smile, I see a woman with character, and I like those wrinkles. I'm no longer the young "pretty girl" that some may have confused as stuck up, because they didn't know that I was just shy and quiet; and experience has taught me the art, power, and value of verbal interactions. I'm no longer a female who may be perceived as someone who "thinks she's cute", because my age grants me respect for how I look. My frown lines, give me the look of someone who isn't to be played with, so that grants me a bit hesitance, before being approached with anything less than respect. Now, with saying all of this that doesn't mean that I don't want to soften my wrinkles and age lines, it just means that I accept that they are a reality of my lengthy existence; and I garner much respect because of them. They are earned.

As some of us age, we no longer fear the judgement's that kept us in line to do the right things, and have protected our reputations as youths, and young men and women. Our older selves have learned to throw caution to the wind, and delve into the pleasures that we desire in our fantasies and day dreams. (This includes our desires for learning new things like dancing, and learning a new language.) Actually, we need to delve into those things to regain the pleasures of our past, that our former actions no longer work to gain. Some of us may still use a bit of discretion, but we do these things unapologetically, for we've earned our rights to happiness.

I, personally, refuse to be restrained by some unwritten, or even written, rules that tell middle aged men and women what they should or should not do. The only thing that truly restrains us is what's in our own minds. For me, the skies the limit. What I haven't gained or done so far in life that I still wish to have or do, I will continue to strive for those things for as long as my mental and physical health allows me, until the day that I no longer exist. And you can be sure that I will enjoy the journey along the way.

There's something to say for being young at heart. And there's something to say for having a zest for life at any age. These states of being can help you to live longer, happier lives. Something that I wish for us all.

Talk to you all next week! 😊

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  1. Well said. As we age, it is my hope that we embrace it gently and reverently

    1. Absolutely Connie! Aging is something to celebrate, not dread.

  2. Aging gives me permission to fully believe in the process of failure. Everyone fails, it's what you learn in the process that will help you succeed the next time.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly Tara! We should see every failure as a lesson learned, with that being a cue to step back and redirect our energies.