Monday, March 6, 2017

Eating For Your Age

"To keep the body in good health is a duty...otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."~Buddah

This is where I'm having an issue. Although I'm working out for better health, and a longer life, I would like to lose a few more pounds with all of my hard work, but I like to eat. In the past, my workouts would have been enough to bring my weight down, but with me being over 50 and the fact that our metabolism slows down about every ten years; and the fact that I'm going through menopause, it's harder for me to lose weight. I'm going to have to eat better, to bring my weight down more, and for me that means eating cleaner. Healthier eating is what we all have to do as we age, in order to cut down on the risks of many diseases, and for some us, to keep our weight under control.

I like to visualize that as our bodies age, certain things that we've been eating over the years, become more concentrated in our bodies. So the sodium contributes to causing high blood pressure, sugar wreaks havoc on our pancreas and contributes to diabetes, processed foods contribute to cancer and other diseases, saturated fats (including those from red meats) contribute to causing heart disease. This is just a mental picture that helps me to keep top of mind, the importance of taking these things out of my diet, or at least reducing them significantly in order for me to live a longer, healthier life.

Did you know that as we age, there are certain foods that we should be eating for better health at different stages of our lives? In your 20's it's YOGURT and EGGS. We stop building bone mass in our 30's, so it's important to make our 20's count for bone building. And eggs contain vitamin D, which is needed for the absorption of calcium (Haak, 2016).

In your 30's it's SUNFLOWER SEEDS and ASPARAGUS. The omega 3 fatty acids in sunflower seeds, helps to lubricate the joints and reduce inflammation. The joint damage that can lead to arthritis starts in your 30's, so it's a good time to start protecting them. Asparagus has folate which is important when you're thinking about having a baby, and during pregnancy (2016). (👀Um....hmmm....Yeah....this is mostly for the younger folks.)

In your 40's LENTILS, GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST, and WALNUTS are the best foods to eat. Even though our metabolism can start to slow down in our 30's, it's more common in our 40's, and lentils are among the highest fiber foods. And foods that are high in fiber can help slow down weight gain from a slowing metabolism. Diabetes risks are higher in your 40's so it's important to eat lean meats like chicken breast to limit fluctuations in your sugar level, and to limit your body's insulin pumps due to sugar spikes. 63% of diabetes diagnosis happen between the ages of 40 and 64. Once again, the omega 3 fatty acids in walnuts, may help with the depression that occurs at a higher rate in women between the ages of 40 and 59 (2016).

In your 50's it's COTTAGE CHEESE and SALMON. Most women experience a sharp drop in bone density the first few years after menopause, which can lead to osteoporosis. Women's heart disease risk goes up after the age of 55, and that's because of lower estrogen levels post-menopause. Once again, the omega 3 fatty acids in salmon, is a healthy fat which reduces the risk of cardiac events (2016).

In your 60's and over it's SHELLFISH, because of the vitamin B12. We start to lose stomach acid in our 50's and 60's, and B12 needs stomach acid to be absorbed. So we have to intake more B12 then we used to for our bodies to absorb it. B12 is one of the three B vitamins that can lower the levels of amino acids linked to dementia (Haak, 2016).

The highlighted foods are single foods of certain categories of foods. There are many alternatives that you can eat other than those that have been highlighted.

Antioxidants don't just kill off cancer cells, they also prevent wrinkles. Here are 12 foods that contain high levels of antioxidants that can make you look younger.
     1) Tomatoes 
     2) Kale 
     3) Eggplant
     4) Red Bell Pepper
     5) Blackberries
     6) Basil
     7) Brussels sprouts (Frehsee, 2013).
     8) Beets
     9) Asparagus
   10) Carrots
   11) Strawberries
   12) Radishes (Emling, 2017)

As we age, certain foods become more important for every decade of our lives. Learn what those foods are so that your body can better adapt to the aging process. Make these foods a regular part of your diet for better health.

Talk to you all next week! 😊

(Please access my reference links for a more detailed explanation of how the foods we eat affect our health while aging.)


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  1. This was an excellent article with details I didn't know about what to eat at certain ages. Thanks for including 'everyone' Lisa. I am forwarding to my daughter who is in her 20s.

    I drastically changed my eating habits and drank more water two years ago and with exercise lost 35lbs. But it was also made possible by not having access to 'bad' foods (I lived outside the country). Just recently, I had to adjust my diet again. Our bodies are constantly changing and we must take heed. :)

  2. Yes Tara! And I'm happy to hear (read) about the weight loss! I remember our virtual workouts as accountability partners, and how hard you were trying to make it happen. Lol! Kudo's to you lady! :-)

  3. Interesting.. I feel like I no longer digest meat as well as I use to, so my diet has been fish (especially salmon) and vegetable dominant. I read up on eating for my blood type and learned that wheat was a product that I needed to avoid. I have actually been able to lose a few lbs in spite of menopause. I loath cottage cheese but I do eat greek yogurt, not sure if it is a good substitute.. Good info!

    1. Greek yogurt is an excellent substitute. Have you watched the documentary "What's with Wheat?" If not, it's a must watch. I am living proof of the damage that it can do to a person, and this documentary is the first to explain to me why. Check it out on Netflix.